Jeff Fullmer

Founder and Walker, Hiker, and Runner of Dogs

By Millennial standards I worked for the Federal government for a small eternity. Inspirations waxed and waned over the years but it was my colleagues and their dedication to a mission larger than themselves, to a greater good, that stuck with me the most. Their dedication showed me that I could never feel satisfied unless I found my own idea of a greater good.

I was extraordinarily lucky to travel in my youth. Later, in search of the aforementioned good, I was able to travel some more. I found an awful lot out there, and along the way, I heard a few things I had heard before... and I heard them a bit louder this time.

  • I love dogs, no two ways around it. They always bring out the best in me
  • I love to run, play, push hard, and to be outside… even more so with my dogs
  • I belong out on the trail with a companion… I know a dog’s heart feels the same

I started Dogs Colorado because when I wander outside my mind becomes calm. It is as if sunlight and the promise of the unknown work together to clear away old worries, sharpen my instincts, and fuel new ideas. I like to think that I see an analogous effect in my dogs. That we somehow share this bit of clarity in our adventures. Certainly, I rarely see them happier. It is as if they spend their days at home loyal to my life story, but when we go outside, they get to be a part of their own.

Dogs Colorado is my own way to participate in the lives of as many fantastic dogs as possible, and the best way I have found to participate in my own.  

When I’m not expanding my knowledge about dogs or the great outdoors… I home-roast coffee, homebrew beer, travel, train to ride the Great Divide, play guitar, find new recipes, and work on my book.

“Never underestimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made taco and a cold bottle of beer...” ...while sitting on the porch next to a sleeping dog .

(mostly from Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins)


Alexandra "Sunleaf" Hinton

Dog/House Sitter and Walker, Hiker, and Runner of Dogs


My personal connection with dogs began while growing up caring for our family German Short and Wirehaired Pointers in the wooded heart of south-central Wisconsin. Loving and living with Nobler, Oreo, Sherpa, and Shatz, I experienced firsthand the value and importance that dogs can play in our lives as well as overall happiness.

Since then, my work as a Mental Health Therapist at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and adventures traveling abroad have reinforced my love of building new connections with new clients with curiosity, enthusiasm, and compassion. It is this thoughtful approach that I hope to bring to your home and pup family!

Housesitting for Dogs Colorado, I care for a variety of dogs ranging in age, health needs, and energy levels.  I always use reinforcement whenever possible, rather than punishment, I Maintain a calm and firm approach when walking and providing care, and I mindfully attend to both scheduled needs and play/walk time.

While your pups are my number one priority, they are not the only ones being taken care of while you’re away! In addition to knowing your home is safer with someone present in your absence, you can also expect maintenance of a clean and organized space, respect of your privacy and any house rules, and completion of light housework as needed (e.g., put out trash or collect mail if you will be away)"



Monica Neely

Walker, Hiker, and Runner of Dogs


I hail from Portland, Oregon originally and have spent the past three years in Alaska and Steamboat Springs. Trained as an environmental chemist, I worked in this field since 2009. Also, just for fun, I worked as a bicycle tour guide and a baker. Recently I've decided to pursue nursing as a career and hope to do that in Colorado Springs this coming spring. Being new to Golden is tremendous fun and I have already explored all the nearby trails and natural areas. My favorite so far is White Ranch Open Space. I've been an avid cyclist and backpacker for many years and have been running single track for one.

I grew up surrounded by three big dogs like they were siblings to me, along with my other three human siblings,  dogs are family. In my free time I have visited shelter dogs and taken them for walks, giving them the attention they need and deserve. I now have my own medium sized mixed breed that was rescued from Kansas and being a dog owner/best friend has been truly rewarding. Each and every dog has a unique temperament and set of needs, just like people do, and it is a joy to be able to work with their nature out IN nature! So, it is my great pleasure to dedicate my time to Dogs Colorado LLC in helping dogs experience their lives to the fullest.


Andrea Dehnke

Dogs CO Editor and Walker, Hiker, and Runner of Dogs


I count my very first job as when I began my own pet care business when I was twelve. My clients were only a handful of neighbors on my street, and it mostly involved cleaning up dog yards and watering plants while the owners were gone, but nevertheless, I was thrilled to be involved in animal work. My small business ended when I moved to Utah to pursue my passion in short track speedskating, but I still found myself drawn to animals. Friends would often request me to look after their little ones, from ball pythons to beta fish, and I had a brief stint as a volunteer docent at the zoo. While completing my bachelor’s in comparative literature at UC Santa Barbara, I found a local pet sitting business to work for part-time and stayed with the company for nearly three years. Again, my work there ended when I moved away, this time back to Colorado where I can pursue a career in editing, skate, and experience her beautiful natural resources. It is a joy to return to the state I grew up in; to be able to give myself to something I have always loved, and in a way that contributes to my active lifestyle.

My experience in dog care for friends and professionally has exposed me to a wide variety of personalities, ages, abilities and needs of dogs. I understand if your pup requires a little extra patience, a redressed bandage, or a good run to expend his pent-up energy. I’m happy to ensure your dog’s comfort and to give him the loving care he needs in order to thrive.


Taryn Barry

Walker, Hiker, and Runner of Dogs


To be honest, my first encounter with our four-legged friends left me terrified in tears. I was 5. Now, a couple feet taller, and a few years older, both lil’ and large puppers alike make my heart melt. These precious souls constantly leave me in awe. With their slobbery smooches, overwhelming sensitivity to people’s emotions, and their general excitability and sense of adventure, I can’t help but appreciate and adore every individual dog.

What might be most exciting about this next chapter in my life is Dogs Colorado’s philosophy. Psychology has not only taught me that negative reinforcement, or punishment, is simply not as effective, but that the average dog’s brain is as developed as a two-year-old human! I constantly have this in the back of my brain, enforcing the need to treat these beautiful creatures with nothing but love and compassion. I am honored and excited to be apart of a service that recognizes the power of using only positive reinforcement.

Beyond that, I have been taking a break for the past two years from my B.A. in Psychology, but am excited to start classes again this coming Fall! During my time away from school, I have been focusing on things in life that truly inspire me, and bring not only joy, but clarity, to my path, thus bringing out the eager hiker, novice yogi, avid concert-goer, and general outside sun-seeker in me.

A nurturer at heart, I am delighted to help in your own furry companion’s path to fulfillment.