Support Team Dogs Colorado @ The 2019 Furry Scurry Walk and Fun Run

Team ‘Dogs Colorado’ is up and running for this year’s Furry Scurry hosted by the Denver’s Dumb Friends League.  

We like to raise $$$ for The #Denver Dumb Friends League, here is why:


As a socially conscious shelter, we welcome all pets in need—young or old, healthy, ill or injured, surrendered or lost, abused or neglected, well-mannered or with significant behavior issues.

Your donations help:

  • relinquished pets find new homes and lost pets find comfort and safety at our shelters.
  • provide medical treatment, behavior programs and foster care to homeless pets and horses so they can become the best possible candidates for adoption.
  • prevent animal mistreatment and neglect, teach children about kindness to animals and responsible pet care, provide veterinary care and offer mobile spay/neuter programs to help reduce pet overpopulation.

Donate and/or Register here

Thank you for your time and compassion.

Dumb Friends League FY18 Highlights

This Thing Called Relational Rewilding

Enter Kimberly Beck. The founder of Relational Rewilding Nature Guiding and The Canine Effect LLC. I caught up with Kimberly last month over some tea and coffee in downtown Golden. Although our two hour conversation did include dogs, it was this thing called Relational Rewilding Nature Guiding that we geeked out about for the better part of two hours. My apologies to Chaz for being a bit late for his daily run. So, it is at the corner of Relational Rewilding and “right, Relational Re…w… what!?” that we must begin.