Welcoming Pono Media to Dogs Colorado

Dogs Colorado is excited to announce our new professional photography partnership with Pono Media! We sat down with Brandon Keller to learn just what Pono Media is all about.

(Photos by Brandon Keller)

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do.

My name is Brandon Keller, and I own and operate a digital media company called Pono Media, LLC. We help our clients tell their story and connect with their audience with powerful video and photography. We love helping businesses, organizations, and individuals capture their special moments, and getting to the core of what makes them unique. 

While we often work on a wide variety of projects, we absolutely love taking spectacular photos of pets and their humans! It gives us an opportunity to work with incredible animals and people and create an experience that’s exciting, warm, and fun for everyone!    

Why should people consider booking a professional pet portrait session?

A portrait session is, first and foremost, an opportunity to spend some quality time with your pet 1-on-1. It’s a valuable chance to bond, connect, and let them play! It can be a challenge to find the time to spend with your pets day-to-day when so many different things demand your attention. Though many of us may be spending more time at home, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re spending meaningful time with our pets. You could snap a quick phone photo on your daily walk, but trying to get a picture that looks great while keeping your pet in check isn’t easy. Let someone else focus capturing that perfect moment, so all you have to worry about is being a loving owner and showering your fur baby with affection! 

Best of all, you’ll be able to walk away with incredible images of memories to last a lifetime!

Why photograph pets?

I think there’s a special sort of connection we form with animals. My most rewarding relationships have always been built on reciprocation – a nice, healthy balance of give and take. With pets, the affection you show is reflected tenfold! The more time, energy and love you show your pet, the more they amplify it and give it back to you. I’ve seen so many people have meaningful and fulfilling connections with their animals, and I can see how much pets mean to their owners. The greatest joy in my work is being able to capture those moments of emotion and meaning for my clients to look back on, and it’s hard to find a love purer than that between a pet and parent.

To make a long story short, I love celebrating what gives people joy, and I get that fulfillment from photographing beloved pets and their families.

Why is your company called Pono Media?

The term “pono” is Hawaiian, meant to describe being in balance with your community, your family, the environment and within yourself. I grew up in Hawai’i, and I always admired the people and culture I was a part of. The kindness, warmth and respect that people showed one another inspired me, and showed me the joy that can come from interacting with others. To me, “pono” is the embodiment of integrity, honesty, care, kindness, and a commitment to excellence. It perfectly describes the experience I want to give everyone I work with – a process that is warm, hassle-free, transparent, and a product that you love. The name of my business is a reminder of what drives me, the standard I have for my work, and what I want to create for my customers. It’s a piece of home I carry with me!   

What should people know before booking a session with you?

Firstly, that the ultimate goal of any session is to have fun! Taking portrait photos can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re camera shy or have little experience being in front of the camera. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your pet to be perfect – instead, make sure you’re both as comfortable as possible. Nothing ruins a picture more than an awkward smile that shows you’re trying to “act natural”. The best photos are taken when you’re in the moment, spending quality time with your pet, and being yourself! Those candid moments are priceless. 

Secondly, remember your session is your canvas. You can customize the experience for you and your pet however you want, and that flexibility allows us to make sure we capture all of your most important memories. Whether you want to be in photos with your pet, if you want to visit a specific location or want an in-home studio shoot, or want to buy a selection of prints to decorate your home, we can make it happen! My goal is always to make your vision a reality as best I can, so if you’re looking for any specifics from your pet portrait session, I’m more than happy to have a discussion and put together a customized price quote that fits your needs.

Finally, that the safety and security of you and your pets are our utmost priority. Most of our shoots occur outdoors at public parks around the Denver Metro area, and as such, we have to deal with weather conditions and pet conduct policies where we meet. It generally means, especially for dogs, that we often need to keep them on leash for most or all of our time together. That doesn’t mean we can’t snap a few action photos of them running, jumping or playing, of course! Though it does mean that we’ll be vigilant of any guidelines and open to rescheduling due to adverse weather conditions at no extra cost.


What animals do you work with?

The short answer: all of them! If you’re a pet owner and want to show your affection for them, we’re here to support you. Most of our sessions in the past have been dogs and cats, but we know how much owners love their pets, regardless of what they are! So if it hops, jumps, barks, gallops, flies, swims, or slithers, we’ve got you covered!